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Start a Chapter

Start a Chapter

Stop reading about history and start making history
Interested in founding a Kappa Delta Phi chapter?


Do you have 12 men currently enrolled as undergraduates?

  • Want to become a member of a national organization with over 100 years of traditions?
  • Have a commitment to service to the community?
  • Want to socialize with a national brotherhood yet don't want to join a monstrous organization where you can get lost in the shuffle?
  • Want to take part in a fraternity with strict non-hazing policies?
  • Kappa Delta Phi has traditionally been the least expensive National Fraternity in aspects of national dues.

All it takes is 5 men to become an Interest Group:
12 men to become a Kappa Delta Phi Colony. Then you are on your way to a Kappa Delta Phi Chapter Charter.
Email expansion@kappadeltaphi.org and take the first step in making history.

Kappa Delta Phi is the premiere national fraternity in the north east with over 100 years of brotherhood and tradition. Since its creation at Bridgewater State College in 1900 we have expanded our organization to cover every state North of Pennsylvania, making it a true leader in the development of college students across the Northeast Region. The heritage of the brotherhood has always been one of deep-rooted New England work ethic, similar to that of the original Yankee pride and that of patriotism that makes our country so great. Our alumni can be found across the nation. But if you live in any city across the Northeast, you will be in the heart of Kappa Country. While we are small in comparison to other Large National Fraternities, the benefits truly outweigh themselves. To Kappa, you will not be just a number, but a member of a large extended family; one who's individual accomplishments and contributions will be recognized. No Kappa man gets lost in the shuffle, camaraderie is a hallmark of Kappa. We are looking to expand into areas of the North East where Kappa is not situated. This is our invite to you to learn more.

Why a Modest-Sized Fraternity.

Advantages of a Moderate-Sized Fraternity:

Class vs. Mass, Better VS. More
A modest-sized fraternity is defined as any general fraternity that is a member of the National Inter fraternity Conference (NIC) and that has 75 chapters or less. The number of members each individual chapter maintains has no bearing on this designation. These fraternities, though collectively longer established with chapters more prominently located than the larger fraternities, have chosen a more conservative, well-conceived plan of expansion. It is not their philosophy to have the most chapters at the most campuses, but rather to have the best chapters at the best campuses.

Belonging to a modest-sized fraternity affords many benefits to an individual. A moderate-sized fraternity operates its general headquarters as if it were a "family business" as opposed to just a business. This family feeling extends to its chapters and chapter members. In most instances, an executive director not only knows the name of his fraternity's chapter president, but also has spoken with the individual and knows that undergraduate personally. Because there are fewer chapters, the general fraternity can interact and interface more with the individual chapters. In addition, the individual chapters find it easier to relate.

This intangible benefit can really be experienced when attending a National Convention. Undergraduates have the opportunity to meet other undergraduates and alumni from all over the country, but because of the general fraternity's "modest" size, the individual has the opportunity to meet the entire delegation. The individual attendees, as representatives of their chapters, feel a sense of belonging to a larger group, indeed a larger family. The experience is the difference between a family reunion and large groups of people sharing the same name that meet annually. Of which would you rather be a part?

Another benefit of belonging to a modest-sized fraternity is the special feeling of meeting someone in your fraternity from another chapter. It is the difference between saying, "You're kidding, you're in XYZ fraternity, too?" and "Isn't everyone?" You see, name recognition does not necessarily mean that you are in the best fraternity; it only means that you are in the biggest fraternity. The special recognition of being a member of a moderate-sized fraternity can go further than in just meeting undergraduates from other chapters; it can also be effectively utilized with Alumni when seeking assistance with career guidance or job search techniques. The advantages that accrue from being a member of a moderate-sized fraternity can be extended beyond the undergraduate experience.

General headquarters of moderate-sized fraternities can be just as responsive to the needs of their chapters as can larger general headquarters. The service is just more personalized. These more modest-sized general fraternities can administer discipline, can provide educational programming and resources, and can provide chapter visitation from the national office
as effectively as any larger groups. In fact, in many instances, these groups can fully implement changes and monitor chapter operations more effectively.
The Greek experience remains very unique and very rewarding for undergraduates and alumni alike. The moderate-sized fraternities hope that you will take the time to explore all possibilities when it comes time to pledge a fraternity. It is their recommendation that you become part of a family, not just part of a group. Take a big step by becoming a member of a chapter that has an impact on the workings of its national fraternity. Join a fraternity that offers you more than just a lot of chapters. Join a fraternity to which you can offer a great deal, and where what you offer will be recognized. And above all, realize that bigger is not always better.

The purposes of this fraternity shall be to bring together males of good character who are studying in institutions of higher education and who manifest a keen interest in higher education; to promote the highest ideals and educational practices; to promote a spirit of good citizenship and to seek change in our institution only through duly constituted authority; to actively support the fight against discrimination on the basis of race, color, or creed; and to strengthen and preserve the bonds of brotherhood which link men together working toward a common cause.

Since the beginning of time, men have found it helpful and enjoyable to gather together for many reasons. Lodges and clubs have been found in all walks of life - from the knights of old to the military and political men of today. Fellowship has indeed been one of the basic needs of the individual. Therefore it is only natural for groups of college men to meet together in Greek letter societies.

Since the turn of the century, the increase in fraternities has been rapid, with the total membership of all the fraternities numbering in the millions.
Fraternity men have been, and still are the leaders in colleges and universities. The college fraternity supplements book learning by setting up a proving ground in which the members may practice what they learn in the lecture hall and help themselves become well-rounded individuals.

Kappa Delta Phi is a fraternity interested in higher education, and also encourages social life. As boys grow into men, there is to be found the development of poise, grace, and confidence which are essential to the progress and success of the real professional.

Joining Kappa Delta Phi costs more than money. It costs your time, your effort, loyalty, and cooperation. It has been worth it for thousands of men.
Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity serves as an effective recreational outlet in contributing to the four years of educational experience.

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